IETM Porto Plenary Meeting 2018


Abril 2018

I will be speaking at this conference “Funding access: why, what and how?” in IETM Porto Plenary Meeting 2018, at 27 of April at 2pm.


Sinopsis: Cultural venues face multiple challenges to provide physically and intellectually disabled audiences with the means to participate in their activities. Socio-economic conditions and the territorial span of what artistic professionals have to offer reinstate the need for long-standing strategies to ensure that the issues of accessibility are effectively tackled, and there is engagement with the need for diversity and outreach. Cultural agents – those who make and those who present art – must address this same question: who are they working for and whom do they want to have as audiences and participants of their work? This should be the foundation for decisions on funding policies for accessibility.
Starting with an overview of the accessibility resources and needs which exist in Portugal, we will frame this state of affairs with reference to the examples instated at the European level. We will also highlight different technical aspects of accessibility and touch upon the political debate about access. This session is for peers who have experience with the topic, but it will also provide tips and tools for everyone to make venues and performances more accessible.